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Creating or Modifying Rooms and Inventory Locations
Creating or Modifying Rooms and Inventory Locations

How do I add areas where I store my inventory? How do I create more rooms? How do I edit my rooms?

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Step 1: Access the Hospital Card

  • Begin by navigating to the Hospitals page within Inventory Ally.

  • Look for the hospital for which you want to set up rooms and locate the hospital card.

  • On the hospital card, you will find a gear icon. Click on this icon to access the settings for that hospital.

Step 2: Add Inventory Count Areas

  • After clicking on the gear icon, you will be directed to the hospital settings page.

  • To set up rooms for inventory count, think about the areas in terms of "Where would you ask someone to go count?"

Common examples of count areas include:

  • Pharmacy or Pharm

  • Storage Shed

  • Food Room

  • Fridge

  • Treatment/Tx

To keep your count sheet clean and easily understandable, consider using abbreviations for room names. For example, instead of labeling a room as "Treatment Fridge Shelf #2," you might use "Tx Fridge" as an abbreviation.

Step 3: Save Your Room Setups

  • Once you've added the areas and applied any abbreviations you prefer, be sure to save your settings.

  • This will ensure that the rooms you've set up will be available for inventory counting.

Video Walk Through

Prefer a video guide on how to set up rooms and inventory locations? Simply click on the video below.

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