Reviewing Hidden Items

How do I review hidden items? What is a hidden item? Can I view my hidden items? How do I add back a hidden item?

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Inventory Ally provides a feature that hides items ordered with a quantity of 2 or less over the last year, as it assumes these items are not frequently counted. However, you have the flexibility to review and unhide these items if you wish to keep an eye on them regularly. This guide will walk you through the steps to review and unhide hidden inventory items.

Step 1: Access the Inventory Items

Start by clicking on the "All" toggle to view all your inventory items. This will allow you to see the complete list, including the hidden items.

Step 2: Show Hidden Items

To identify the hidden items, click on the "Show Hidden" toggle. The hidden items will be displayed with a greyed-out appearance.

Step 3: Assign a Count Frequency

To enable and add a hidden item to your cycle count, follow these steps:

  • Locate the hidden item you wish to unhide.

  • Then click on the "Frequency" drop-down to assign a count frequency to include it in your regular cycle counts. This determines how often you'll count the item. If you need help with updating the frequency of items, you can click here to learn more.

  • Click "Update" to confirm the changes made.

Step 4: Unhide Item

  • Now that your item has a frequency set, click on the eye toggle icon next to the item. This action will unhide the item.

  • Click "Show" to confirm the changes made.

Step 5: Hide Unwanted Items

Conversely, if you no longer wish to count certain items, perhaps due to discontinuation or no longer stocking the item, you can hide them by following these steps:

  • Locate the item you want to hide.

  • Click on the eye toggle icon to hide the item.

Video Walk Through

Prefer a video guide of how to review hidden items? Simply click on the video below.

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