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Completing Your First Cycle Count and Order
Completing Your First Cycle Count and Order

Complete your first cycle count and build your first order with the ease of Inventory Ally

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Congratulations on reaching the stage where you are ready to build your first order using Inventory Ally! Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth process for completing your first cycle count and generating an order with ease.

Getting Started

Prepare Your Setup: First, verify your inventory setup, cycle count frequencies, review hidden items, and set up rooms. Click here to learn more.

Choose a Consistent Day: For optimal results, build your order on the same day each week to ensure a balanced representation of weekly consumption.

Conducting Your First Cycle Count

  1. Start Counting: At the top of the page, you'll see an indicator of items scheduled for this week. Begin by counting your first location or delegate counts to team members.

  2. Location Assignment: Assign locations to items during the first count. For subsequent counts, the system will remember the assigned location. Simply enter the count into the field to assign it to a room.

    By entering a count for Treatment 2, Biopsy Skin Punches are now assigned to that room.

  3. Counting Options:

    • Enter counts digitally by entering them into the room field.

    • Print count sheets using "checklist by room" once you have assigned all items to an inventory location

  4. Complete Counts: Ensure that you have counted everything before proceeding to build your order. You may click on "estimated" or "uncounted" to filter those items.

  5. Review Want Lists: Be sure to review items that are on a want list or spiked during the week. Search for them in Inventory Ally and enter on-hand quantities. Order up to the "max" as needed.

Building Your Order

  1. Review and Finalize Orders: Once all items are counted, click "Review & Finalize" to filter this week's items with "To Order" quantities greater than 0. Click here to learn more.

  2. Build Order:

    1. If you do not use VetCove:

      1. Open Two Browsers: Align Inventory Ally on the left and your ordering site on the right. This makes it easier to build your order item by item.

      2. Copy and Paste: Use the copy icon next to each item's description in Inventory Ally, then paste (CNTL-V or right-click) it into your ordering site's search function. Enter the suggested quantity. Repeat for the entire order.

    2. If you use VetCove:

      1. Shopping List Sync: Click here to enable your VetCove Shopping List Sync to automatically push over your order to VetCove by clicking on "Finalize and Sync" with VetCove.

Uploading Order History

  1. Upload Order History: For accurate recommendations, regularly upload your order history. Filter dates from VetCove or other order sources to load into Inventory Ally efficiently. You may click to to upload your order history.

  2. Access Order History Download Page: Click here to access your item history download page. Then click on "Click here to go to the correct page to export your last month's Vetcove order history." Inventory Ally removes duplicates, so ensure you go back to at least the last upload date.

By following these steps, you'll efficiently complete your first cycle count and order using Inventory Ally. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy ordering!

Video Walk-Through

Prefer a video guide on how to complete your first cycle count and build your order? Simply click on the video below.

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