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Before finalizing and syncing to VetCove, review your entered counts and items to order

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Before syncing your counts to VetCove, it's crucial to review your entered counts to ensure accuracy and add notes. This guide will walk you through the process of reviewing and finalizing your counts in Inventory Ally.

Step 1: Access Your Weekly Count List

Log in to Inventory Ally and select your hospital for the current week. If you haven't counted anything yet, the system will prompt you to proceed with counting your items.

Step 2: Count Your Items

Count each item as necessary. After completing your counts, click on "Review & Finalize" to see a summary of your entered counts. Click here to learn how to complete a count.

Step 3: Review Count Summary

The summary will display the counts in three categories:

  • Already Counted: Number of items already counted (e.g., 107 in this case).

  • Estimated: Estimated count for items (e.g., 49).

  • Uncounted Without Estimates: Items not yet counted, and estimates are not available (e.g., 2 this week).

You may click on those badges to filter those specific inventory items to enter a count or use the estimated quantity on hand.

Step 4: Estimated Quantity

If you haven't counted everything, learn how to use the estimated quantity on hand to calculate your "To Order" amounts within Inventory Ally by clicking here.

Step 5: Return to Editing

If you missed any items during the counting process, click "Return to Editing" to go back to the counting screens and make the necessary adjustments.

Step 6: Upload Order History

You may receive a warning if your order history hasn't been uploaded recently. You have the option to either load the order history or check the box to proceed without it.

Step 7: Finalize Orders

Once you've reviewed your counts, addressed any missing items, and uploaded order history if needed, the "Finalize Orders" button will be enabled. Click it to proceed.

If you have enabled your VetCove Shopping List Sync, the button will read "Finalize and Sync with VetCove". Click here to learn more.

Step 8: Next Steps

For further details on finalizing your order within Inventory Ally, refer to our comprehensive article on the finalization process by clicking here.

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