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Enabling VetCove Shopping List Integration
Enabling VetCove Shopping List Integration

Learn how to connect your Inventory Ally account to Vetcove and shop your 'To Order' lists within Vetcove

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Important Notice: As of now, Inventory Ally is recognized as a PIMS Integration by VetCove. However, please note that VetCove currently only allows one integration at a time. We understand that this may not be ideal, but there is a workaround in place while Vetcove works on a fix. Click here to learn more.

Inventory Ally now integrates with Vetcove to help practices easily track and order inventory, all in one location! By connecting your Inventory account to Vetcove, you will be able to:

  1. Sync 'To Order' Lists - shop your Inventory Ally 'To Order' lists directly within Vetcove

  2. View Quantities - view your quantity on hand and reorder points

In this article, you will learn how to connect your Inventory Ally account to Vetcove and shop your 'To Order' lists within Vetcove. Follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1: Connecting with Inventory Ally

Before you can start using the integration, you will need to enable the Vetcove integration from within Inventory Ally as follows:

  1. Once within your Inventory Ally account, head to the My Account page as Administrator.

    1. If you have a multi-access username, please ensure you are signed into the correct location on Vetcove before starting the connecting process! Click here to learn how to switch locations within Vetcove.

    2. If you have multiple hospitals in your Inventory Ally account, each hospital will need to be connected with Vetcove individually

  2. Select 'Sync with Vetcove' on the hospital card

    You'll be redirected to the Vetcove website to log in and connect your accounts

  3. For the integration to work properly, the 'Hospital Name' must be identical in Inventory Ally and Vetcove

    1. To update your 'Hospital Name' within Inventory Ally, please contact the Inventory Ally support team directly by clicking on the chat box on the right bottom hand of the screen.

    2. To update your 'Hospital Name' within Vetcove, you may head to your Account and Settings here

  4. Once the integration is enabled, your inventory items will be imported into your Vetcove account. Please allow a few minutes for this process to complete!

Congratulations! Your Inventory Ally account should now be connected to Vetcove!

Step 2: Review Linked Inventory Ally Products to Vetcove Items (Optional)

Once you are successfully connected with Inventory Ally on Vetcove and your inventory items have been imported, you may visit the following page to access your Inventory Ally integration:

You will see two additional options at the top of your Vetcove PIMS Integration page:

  • Lists - a collection of your 'To Order' lists, synced from Inventory Ally to Vetcove

  • Products - a collection of your inventory products, synced from Inventory Ally to Vetcove

If you have previously uploaded Vetcove's order history into Inventory Ally - any item included in the previous order history upload, will be automatically linked to your Vetcove items! If not, you may learn how to link your inventory items here.

Step 3: Syncing 'To Order' list with Vetcove

IMPORTANT: Use the edit button to change the order quantity and add a note for any items you plan to update before syncing with Vetcove.

Once you've completed the 'To Order' list within Inventory Ally and clicked on 'Review & Finalize', click the 'Finalize and Sync with Vetcove' button in the top right corner while viewing your order list:

This will sync your current 'To Order' list within Vetcove. Once synced, head to the 'Lists' tab to view the list:

During this sync, any on-hand counts entered within Inventory Ally, will be reflected and updated within Vetcove.

Step 4: Shopping your 'To Order' list within Vetcove

You may now view and shop these items straight from the 'To Order' list within Vetcove. You may locate this within your 'Lists' section of your Vetcove PIMS Integration Page. Click on "View All Lists" OR click on the list you have recently created.

Locate the product, and click 'Show Items':

The item listings will then drop down in the familiar Vetcove shopping format. Using the specific 'To Order' quantity suggested within Inventory Ally, you may then add items to your vendor carts straight from here, just as normal!

Currently, our users have two options for the entering the quantity:
1. Sort the shopping list by name in VetCove and have the Inventory Ally tab open as well to review the quantity recommended to order (toggling back and forth between both VetCove and Inventory Ally)
2. Utilize the Min/Max and 'On Hand Quantity' to calculate the amount to order

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