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Locating Finalized Order and VetCove Shopping List
Locating Finalized Order and VetCove Shopping List

Where do I find my synced Shopping List in VetCove? I've finalized my order in Inventory Ally, where do I find it?

Updated over a week ago

Now that you've successfully enabled your Shopping List Sync in VetCove, it's time to place your order. Follow these simple steps to complete the process.

Step 1: Access VetCove

After finalizing and syncing your order in Inventory Ally, open your web browser and navigate to your VetCove account.

Step 2: Navigate to PIMS Integration

Once you're logged into VetCove, access the menu. Look for the "PIMS Integration" option and click on it.

Step 3: Access Your Shopping List

In the PIMS Integration section, you will find your Shopping List on the left-hand side of the screen, labeled as "Current Week List." Click on this list to view the synced order from Inventory Ally.

After clicking on the "Current Week List," you will see a list of items that have been synced from Inventory Ally. To select a specific item for ordering, click on "Show 1 Item."

Step 5: Choose Vendor and Quantity

A new screen will open, displaying the item and its details. Here, you can choose the vendor from which you want to order the item and specify the quantity you wish to order.

Step 6: Confirm and Place Your Order

Review your selection to ensure it's accurate. If everything looks correct, proceed to place your order through VetCove.



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