Customizing Safety Stock Levels

How do I customize buffer stock for my enterprise group of hospitals and/or for my individual hospitals?

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Inventory Ally offers a unique feature that allows administrators to customize buffer stock levels for both their entire network of hospitals and individual inventory items. This customization ensures that your organization can effectively manage inventory to meet specific needs and demands. In this help article, we'll provide step-by-step instructions for both enterprise administrators and hospital administrators to set buffer stock levels.

Roles and Permissions

This feature offers a unique approach to controlling buffer stock at both corporate tenant and hospital administrator levels.

Administrators (including Corporate Administrators) can manage the buffer stock for their entire group of hospitals, setting maximum and minimum levels that align with their organization's needs. This means greater consistency and coordination across all hospitals. To customize the buffer for ALL hospitals within the Tenant/Organization you must have Administrator permissions.

Hospital Administrators can control buffer stock levels for their specific hospitals while staying within the limits set by their Administrator or Corporate Group Administrator. This ensures that individual hospital needs are met, while still adhering to the broader group's guidelines. To customize the buffer for individual inventory items you must have Hospital Administrator permissions.

Setting Safety Stock Levels for Your Network of Hospitals as an Administrator

Step 1: Sign In and Navigate to My Account

Sign in to Inventory Ally with your administrator credentials. Navigate to the "My Account" page. Scroll down to the "Safety Stock Settings" section on the My Account page

Step 2: Adjust Buffer Stock Levels

For each type of frequency, you'll find a slider. Select the slider for the frequency you wish to adjust. Drag the slider to set the desired buffer stock level. This adjustment will apply to all hospitals within your network.

Keep in mind that hospital administrators will be able to adjust individual inventory item buffer stock within the parameters you've set.

Step 3: Save Changes

After making the necessary adjustments, click on the "Save" button to save your changes.

Step 4: Reset to Defaults

If needed, you can reset your stock settings to default values by clicking on the "To Defaults" or "Reset" option.

Setting Safety Stock Level for a Specific Inventory Item as a Hospital Administrator

Step 1: Navigate to the Hospitals Tab

Access the "Hospitals" tab and select the hospital for which you want to update inventory buffer stock.

Step 2: Locate the Item(s)

Identify the specific item(s) for which you wish to provide additional buffer stock. Ensure a count has been entered before adjusting the safety stock.

Step 3: Adjust Safety Stock Volume

Click on the ellipsis (...) next to the item you want to adjust and select Adjust Safety Stock Volume.

Step 4: Customize Safety Stock Levels

Depending on the frequency of the item, you will be able to adjust the correlating buffer stock levels. In the example below of Animax Ointment you may select from 7.0 additional buffer stock days or 23. This example has selected 14.5.

Step 5: Save Changes

Click the "Save" button to save your customized buffer stock level for the selected inventory item.

Note: the Max Par Level. Once you have saved your changes, you will notice that the maximum stock level for the item has now been adjusted to include the additional buffer stock days you've set.

Inventory Ally's flexible buffer stock customization feature allows administrators to optimize replenishment and meet the unique needs of their hospitals and organizations. By following the provided steps, administrators can ensure efficient inventory management across their entire network of hospitals and for individual inventory items.

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