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Ordering from Multiple E-Commerce Platforms

What happens when I order from VetCove and other E-Commerce Platforms and/or Vendors?

Updated over a week ago

Currently, Inventory Ally provides a Shopping List sync with VetCove. This allows your finalized order in Inventory Ally to appear in VetCove. Learn more here.

If you order from multiple e-commerce platforms or vendors outside of VetCove, your synced Shopping List may look different:

VetCove Shopping List with Un-Linked Items

In the catheter example below, the item PICC - 3FR (20 G) x 60cm SL needs to be ordered as indicated in Inventory Ally. This item was included in the order list that was Finalized and Synced within Inventory Ally but is not ordered through VetCove.

This results in the Shopping List within VetCove asking you to link the imported Inventory Ally item to a VetCove product. You will remove the item from your Shopping List as you do not order through VetCove.

Please note: Our teams are working to improve this process and separate the finalized order list. We welcome all feedback!

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