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Assigning Inventory Items to Rooms
Assigning Inventory Items to Rooms

How do I get the checklist by room to print? How do I filter by rooms? How do I assign an item to rooms or multiple rooms/locations?

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Once you've configured your rooms in Inventory Ally, the next crucial step is assigning inventory locations to these rooms. Properly designating inventory locations ensures effective organization and tracking of your stock. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of assigning rooms to inventory items and utilizing key features like printing counting sheets, sorting items by room, and customizing your inventory view.

Step 1: Viewing All Inventory

Click on the "All" tab to view a comprehensive list of all your inventory items. Please note hidden items will not be listed unless you toggle on "Show Hidden".

Step 2: Assigning Rooms to Inventory Items

Your created rooms will now be visible next to each inventory item.

To assign a room to an item, check the corresponding box or enter a quantity. You can assign the same item to multiple rooms if necessary.

Step 3: Sorting and Filtering by Room

With rooms assigned, you can now sort and filter your inventory by room. This allows for a more organized and focused view of your stock.

Step 4: Printing PDF Checklist by Room

Utilize the sorted inventory by room to print a checklist specifically tailored to each designated location. A new window will appear with a PDF count list of your inventory items to. Use this to delegate counts with your team to speed up your count!

Step 5: Hide Items

Click on "Hide Items" to remove items that are no longer in stock or that you don't want to include in your inventory cycle counts. This helps in maintaining an accurate and relevant inventory list. Click here to learn more about Hidden Items.

Step 6: Star Items for Quick Access

Mark up to 10 items with a star to prioritize them at the top of your list. This ensures quick access to important or frequently used items.

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