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Mapping Inventory to PIMS Products/Invoice Data
Mapping Inventory to PIMS Products/Invoice Data

How do I map my inventory items to my PIMS/EMR products?

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Efficiently managing your inventory is crucial for timely decision-making and insights. Now that we've enabled your PIMS integration it's time to map your Inventory Ally items to your PIMS item and/or service. Check out our list of compatible PIMS that we integrate with by clicking here.

Mapping your items in Inventory Ally to PIMS services and/or items (transactional data), helps enhance estimations, improves response times to transaction data, and provides valuable out-of-cycle low-stock alerts. We recommend starting with your weekly items, followed by EOW, monthly, and quarterly items for a comprehensive mapping strategy.

Mapping Process:

Follow these simple steps to map your inventory items to PIMS transactions:

1. Access the PIMS Mapping Tool:

  • Open your Inventory Ally account.

  • Navigate to the PIMS mapping tool in the drop-down menu under your profile picture.

2. Initiate Mapping:

  • For multi-locations: choose a hospital from the Select Hospital drop-down.

  • You may begin with either the PIMS product items and/or services or the Inventory item.

  • Select the item, then choose the corresponding item(s) from the other list.

3. Confirm Details:

  • Confirm how you sell the PIMS product items and/or services and the unit of measurement. I.e. Animax is sold by the tube.

  • Then specify how you purchase the Inventory Item. We will calculate the conversion ratio for you.

  • Then press save.

4. Review Progress:

  • Scroll down to review your mapped items. You may toggle to display PIMS product items and/or services first or by Inventory Item.

Mapping Priority:

We recommend starting with your fastest-moving and highest-priced products which have been assigned a weekly cycle count frequency. Follow this order for an effective mapping process: weekly, EOW (End of Week), monthly, and finally, quarterly items.

Mapping your inventory items to PIMS transactions in Inventory Ally is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your inventory management. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties during the mapping process, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

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