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Setting up and Managing Inventory
Setting up and Managing Inventory

Review, modify and verify your inventory item management

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Adding UsersHow do I delegate counting to other team members? How do I add new team members? Where do I create new users for my account?
Adding New ItemsHow do I add a new item? How does Inventory Ally know I ordered a new product?
Hiding Items From Cycle CountsHow do I remove items from my list? How do I hide an item? How do I remove a new item?
Merging Inventory ItemsHow do I merge different SKUs and their order history into one primary item? How do I deal with back-ordered items? Why do I see duplicates?
Adjusting Item Count FrequencyChange how often an item or product is counted (weekly, EOW, monthly or quarterly)
Reviewing Hidden ItemsHow do I review hidden items? What is a hidden item? Can I view my hidden items? How do I add back a hidden item?
Verifying Your Item SetupNow that you have your order history uploaded, take a moment to verify that your product count frequency makes sense for your practice.
Updating All Inventory Item InformationBy default your list is limited to unhidden items to be counted this week but you can review ALL ITEMS at once
Adding a Note on an Inventory ItemHow do I add a note to an item? How do I remove a note from an inventory item?
Customizing Safety Stock LevelsHow do I customize buffer stock for my enterprise group of hospitals and/or for my individual hospitals?
Uploading Order HistoryLearn how to upload your order history from VetCove and other platforms
Inventory AnalysisWhat reporting does Inventory Ally have? How can I see my results? I want to review my inventory data, how is this possible?