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Counting and Ordering
Counting and Ordering

Complete your cycle count and ordering with Inventory Ally

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Understanding Dynamic Maximum and Minimums (Par Levels)Min and Max are dynamic types of reorder points that are calculated for you and are used to suggest replenishment quantities for every item.
Counting and Ordering Twice a WeekI need extra time, how can Inventory Ally help? Can I order more than once a week? How do I revert back to once-a-week ordering?
Out-of-Cycle Low Stock ItemsIf Inventory Ally's estimated quantity you have on hand is going to hit zero, the system will let you know!
Reporting Stock OutHelp us improve Inventory Ally to better meet your needs!
Understanding Estimated Quantity On HandHow do I view the Estimated Quantity On-Hand? What is Estimated Quantity on Hand?
Understanding Estimated to Order Quantities ≈ And How to Approve Them for OrderingHow to accept ≈ estimated to-order quantities within Inventory Ally?
Calculating To Order QuantityTo Order quantity is a simple calculation leveraging some powerful algorithms
Reviewing OrderBefore finalizing and syncing to VetCove, review your entered counts and items to order
Placing Your OrderHow do I order using Inventory Ally? How do I finalize my order? How do I place my order? How do I copy and paste my order into VetCove?
Downloading Compliance ReportsHow do I download compliance reports? What are compliance reports? How do I know my compliance for my hospital?
Finalizing OrderAfter clicking "Review and Finalize", you can Finalize that week's orders and email or download your list of items
Ordering from Multiple E-Commerce PlatformsWhat happens when I order from VetCove and other E-Commerce Platforms and/or Vendors?
Understanding the Weekly ListWhen does my list generate? Can I count on the weekend and order on Monday?
Counting by RoomHow do I delegate counts? How do I filter by room? How do I count one area at a time?
Using Estimated Quantity on HandWhat should I do when I don't have enough time to count every item? What are your best practices when short on time?
Adding Items in VetCove Relative to Finalizing and Syncing Your OrderDo I add items to my order in VetCove before or after finalizing your Inventory Ally order?