Shepherd Veterinary Software Integration

How does Inventory Ally integrate with Shepherd Veterinary Software?

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Activating the Inventory Ally Integration

By activating the Inventory Ally and Shepherd Veterinary Software integration, you will:

  1. Combine order history and sales data for the most accurate data-driven solution.

  2. Enhance your hospital's ability to monitor even the slightest changes to product usage and consumption patterns to ensure minimal stock-outs.

  3. Enable critical insights to Inventory Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Formulary Redundancy, Shrink/Loss reporting and Margin Analytics.

Steps to Activate the Inventory Ally Integration

Step 1: Enable the integration in the Shepherd application

  • Click on Admin then on Integrations.

  • To activate the integration, select Inventory Ally then click on the toggle to enable (see the image below)


Step 2: Locate your Clinic ID

  • Click on Admin then on Clinic Settings.

  • Locate your Clinic ID then highlight and copy. This key is specific to your practice and will be required to be shared with Inventory Ally to enable the integration.

Step 3: Share Your Clinic ID

New and Existing Inventory Ally Users

Please share your Shepherd Clinic ID with the Inventory Ally team:

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